Pamela Ivankovic

Oh, my. This has to be the hardest topic for us artists. How to talk about yourself without it sounding boring or pretentious?

My name is Pamela, I live in Zagreb, Croatia. Since I’ve always liked drawing and somehow leaned on social more so than natural studies, my education followed in that direction. Spontaneously, with tiny steps back in elementary school I loved art classes and I had an amazing teacher. Even though I was still a kid, I can say I liked the support and recognition I was getting because now it seems to have marked me throughout my whole life.

At 14 I enrolled a linguistic gymnasium, but transferred to an art school after two years. I knew that’s where I wanted to go. Nobody from my family was very drawn to arts and crafts, except for my grandmother. She was the one who painted beautifully and encouraged me to pursue my passion for art. Later in life I would run into old friends and colleagues who would always comment on how easy it must’ve been to know what you want all your life. I graduated with flying colors, commended by the school on standing out in the masses. Around that time in Yugoslavia I was supposed to move to Beograd, but decided to stay in Zagreb and be as free and as self-sufficient as I could be. The next 8 years I spend working in the city, not really worrying about life’s challenges and existential crises. I’ve worked in the scenography department in HNK, decorated shop windows for Na-ma, Ro-ma, Varteks and other companies. I can’t really put one thing above all else. All I can say is I’ve learned that the people you work with are just as important as the teachers who give you the knowledge. It was truly a carefree and beautiful time in my life.

Yeah, I know… everything seems awesome. And well, I can say it was. I loved what I did.

1992 brings me to Italy. Between two riots of the Balkan war I moved into a country of endless beauty and countless opportunities for learning and progress. Slowly I’m making acquaintances, participating in workshops, traveling, learning and soaking it all in. at the same time I’m given the opportunity to buy a small house in Istria close to Italy and to me it seems like the perfect thing. I opened a small atelier and workshop in Italy, but spent every free weekend in Istria and that was pretty much my life for almost a decade. Wherever I went, clay was coming along. I just couldn’t picture my life without that small bundle of dirt and I would use all of my free time to run away in my own little world.

That same year I started an advanced ceramics course in a school then led by Mirjana Rajković and Jozsef Todjeras. I participated in various projects and art shows and I became an active member of the Grožnjan culture scene. Grožnjan is a small town in the northwest part of Croatia known as the only recognized city of artists. Enchanted with its culture, people and events I went ahead and opened my own ceramics gallery in 1994 which I’ve run successfully till 2020.

Even then, with some less carefree years, I’ve spent most of my time in Grožnjan. All my summers were used to meet new people, hang out with other artists, participate in art shows… it was my world, it was where I belonged. Until 2020 when everything just shut down. For me, just like everyone else. So, what now? What do I do? Where do I turn? I had many questions, with little to no answers…

What do I have?



Still the unquenchable thirst not to let this ancient craft be forgotten and that I, however little, end up responsible for it’s relevance.

In the first year of lockdown I started a YouTube channel by the name of Peti element. Videos just kept coming one after another and I found myself learning something new every day. How to record, how to edit, how to post a video and maybe fix it in post when I find a mistake too late. I’m enriching my knowledge of the English language and I’m entering a whole new, exciting and fresh world.

2020 finally passed with my social media presence slowly becoming more important than I thought it could be. Art really has the power to transform! As the channel grew, I got comments from all over the world, asking for content they’re interested in, asking the questions I have solid answers to… and the realization slowly set in that with this amount of commitment I’m not backing away from this channel any time soon. I also figured that just seeing the clay being molded on screen isn’t enough to teach someone the craft – they need to do it themselves. So I decided to start a ceramics course. Right now, as I’m writing this, I’ve finished my first beginner lesson with a promise to continue after summer.

I couldn’t be happier. It’s just like that saying I read once: nothing comes to mind accidentally. If it’s true – and it is – it means there’s a need for that knowledge to be absorbed my others. That’s why I decided to open a web page/ online gallery. That way I can still express myself through art, make sculptures, participate in art shows and at the same time teach people who are interested how to handle this beautiful medium that is clay.

Clay is a powerful tool of stimulation, transformation and transfer of energy. It is useful not only for the substances it has but simply for its presence. Live matter filled with nature’s intelligence.


 2005 Casual- samostalna izložba-Gradska galerija Fonticus, Grožnjan

2005 Ekspresija zemlje- skupna izložba -Ex tempore-Piran (SLO)

2005 Erotika ili utopija- selektirana problemska skupna izložba –Galerija Ulupuh, Zagreb

2005 Evokacija oblika-izložba HDLU Istra-Gradska galerija Fonticus, Grožnjan

2005 Ex tempore- svečana diploma grada Pirana-Piran (SLO)

2005 HDLU Rijeka- izložba novoprimljenih članova

2005 Nova via,nova vita- socijalno kulturni projekt pokrajine NordernWestfalien, Njemacka

2005 Znakovi i stanja-internac.akademija Hortus Niger- skupna izložba  Galerija Centra gradiščanskih Hrvata   

2006 Bilješke mijena- tematski selektirani skupni  projekt Grožnjan.likovnog

2006 Ex tempore –međunarodna izložba keramike-Obalne galerije-Piran (SLO)

2006 Keramička ploča-polje asocijacije,naracije i akcije-skupna,žirirana izložba-Galerija Ulupuh, Zagreb

2007 Art interview on line competition- srebrna medalja- Berlin, (D)

2007 Ljudsko tijelo,tjelesno-tematski selektirani skupni projekt-Gr.galerija Fonticus, Grožnjan

2007 Voda-tematski  selektirani  skupni projekt-Gradska galerija Fonticus,Grožnjan

2008 Dodirni me-konceptualni projekt ,skupna izložba-kustos V.S.Gabout –Galerija Zvonimir, Zagreb

2008 Lilliput- svjetska izložba malog formata-skupna izložba-Galerija J.Šporer, Opatija

2008 Lilliput- svjetska izložba malog formata-skupna izložba-Multimedijalni centar Rovinj

2008 Magia di un’arte-biennale arte contemporanea-Muzeo espositivo ex maioliche-Deruta (IT)

2008 Oblik,zvuk,svjetlo,pokret-skupna izložba članova Ulupuha I HDLU-a-Galerija Ulupuh, Zagreb

2009 Top 100-suvremena keramika Sekcije za keram.staklo i porculan-Galerija Zvonimir,Zagreb

2010  Vatra-tematski žirirani skupni likovni projekt- Galerija Aluminij, Mostar (BiH)

2010 Element zemlja- selektirani  tematski  skupni likov.projekt- Gradska galerija Fonticus, Grožnjan

2010 Vatra- temat.likovni  žirirani skupni projekt – Muzej grada Skopja (MK)

2010 Vatra- temat.likovni žirirani skupni projekt – Galerija Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo (BiH)

2011 Vatra,zemlja,voda,zrak – Galerija Ulrich, Zagreb

2011 Vatra, zemlja, voda, zrak – Gradski muzej Virovitica

2011 Top 100 – Gradska galerija Collegium Artisticu, Sarajevo- 100 godina hrvatske scenografije i kostimografije

2012 Izazovi linije – Gradska galerijaa Labin, Labin

2012 Izazovi linije – Galerija Vladimir Filakovac, Narodno sveuciliste Dubrava, Zagreb

2012 Izazovi linije – Galerija Decumanus, Centar za kulturu grada Krka

2012 Inter-azioni – Italija, Villa Turita, Dragoni – workshop

2012 Umjetnost je i u meni i u tebi – izlozba ucenickih likovnih radova – Muzej policije, Zagreb

2012 Vlasnistvo sudbine –  Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan

2012 Dimenzije – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan

2013 Dani zelenog Jurja – Od Jurjevske grancice do Ivanjskog cvijeca – Botanicki vrt, Zagreb

2013 Uporabne preobrazbe – Gradska galerija Labin

2014 Drugacijost – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan

2015 Signum – gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan

2015 Linija krize ili kriza crte – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan

2015 Linija krize ili kriza crte – Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo- Sarajevska zima 2015

2015 U susret pedesetoj godisnjici Groznjana grada umjetnika

2015 Interakcije – Suvremena primjenjena umjetnost iz Hrvatske, Galerija M21, Kulturna cetvrt Zsolnay, Pecuh, Madarska

2015 Dobri duhovi iz cupova – samostalna izlozba- Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan

2016 Keramicki laboratorij – Galerija Juraj Klovic, Rijeka – zirirana skupna

2016 Prostor slobode – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Grožnjan – zirirana skupna

2016 Signum – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan – zirirana skupna

2016 Transkripcije baštine – Narodni muzej Ljubljana – Međunarodni trennale UNICUM zirirana skupna

2016 Transkripcije baštine -Galerija ULUPUH, Zagreb – zirirana skupna

2017 Dinamicke strukture- Galerija Ulupuh, Zagreb – zirirana skupna

2017  Punkt – Galleria Toolbox – Berlin , Njemačka

2017  Tocka – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan- zirirana,tematska, skupna

2018 Habitat – Galerija Ulupuh, Zagreb – zirirana skupna

2018 Keramicki laboratorij, – Obalne galerije Piran, Galerija Loza, Galerija Medusa – zirirana, sekcijska

2018 Monografija Groznjana povodom 50 godina grada umjetnika- prezentacija monografije – Dvorana Kastel, Groznjan

2018  Tijelo kao znak – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan – zirirana skupna

2018  Transkripcije bastine – Portoni aperti – Museo della ceramica, Nove, Vicenza Italija

2019 Crno bijelo – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan – izlozba fundusa rada Groznjana

2019  Komunikacija – Gradska galerija Fonticus, Groznjan- zirirana skupna

2019 Unutarnja svijetlost – Galerija Ulupuh – tematska, zirirana, sekcijska

2020  Na stolu i oko njega – Galerija Ulupuh, Zagreb – tematska selektirana


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