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The ceramics workshop is recommended to anyone who wants to relax through creative work with a natural material such as clay and which is claimed to have a healing effect.

The workshop is recommended for people with motor skills, etc. difficulties for therapeutic purposes but also as a hobby. It is also known as an excellent anti-stress therapy in which imagination, logical and abstract thinking and fine hand motor skills are developed.

Clay is ideal for people who claim to have no special talent and are creative at heart. Making an object from a material such as clay has a fascinating refining effect therefore making ceramics has always delighted people. This activity is filled with positive charge and is very enjoyable.

Live workshops are held in my studio in Dubrava in Zagreb, and you can follow the online workshops for free by subscribing to my Youtube channel.




The content of the workshop consists of modeling and construction techniques, dry processing of objects, decorating with paints and glazing. In a month, about 10 objects are made and after this course the student is quite ready to start working independently with ceramics.

The course is very informative, you can find out a lot of information about the material, work techniques, various crafts and effects of the craft, the procurement of materials and equipment and the like. It is conducted in small groups (3-5 participants max). That is why each participant is approached individually and provided with the maximum amount of information. The works created during the workshop remain the property of the participants



You already have experience working with clay but would like to deepen your knowledge a bit?

This advanced workshop includes a lot of work and experimentation with ceramic glazes, making simple molds, decorative painting techniques, making more complicated objects and everything that involves the developed work in the technique of ceramics. The workshop is equipped with tools and materials and provides participants with conditions for continuous and serious work in this technique.

As ceramics is an area where unlimited research can take place, this course is not time limited and can be attended for years.
The workshop is held in an art studio in a very inspiring space.


/upon arrival

Are you bothered by creative restlessness and have a need to create ?! Would you do something but you don’t have the tools and you don’t have your own space?
A little artist woke up in you and you want to drink coffee from a cup that is the work of your hands?
You accidentally broke your favorite fruit plate and now you can’t get it anywhere?

Every Saturday it is possible to come creatively get your hands dirty and bring your little project to life.
The price includes all the necessary materials and tools for making as well as burning objects in a ceramic kiln.
I invite you to acquire new skills, dive into the creative world and forget about everyday life, and create with your own hands exactly the kind of object according to your wishes and ideas.

You know how to draw but don’t want to get your hands dirty?
You would like to have your drawing on an item that you can personalise or you already have an idea?
You want to try painting ceramics?

THEN MADE BY YOU is for You!

In only two hours you can buy and paint half finished item made called bisque and made for painting.
All colors and brushes are in the atelier and with my help you will be able to decorate it and carry it home with you!
Paint by yourself an item you will gift to someone or simply come and get a new experience!
Atelier is in Zagreb, Dubrava.
For any other informations you can send me a message.

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”Your explanations help me a lot. It would be good to finally see what the finished product looks like. I will definitely have questions, because I have just started dealing with ceramics. I hope there will be new tutorials soon. :)”

Sonja Belamaric

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”I am overjoyed that you have published the basics of ceramics on YT, finally, and in Croatian, because there are those of us who are interested and do not understand English. Today I just found you, looked at some and I am delighted, thank you very much for your effort.”

Sineva Marcelic

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”Thank you very much for the advice, I am new in that since I retired I have been doing everything I had not done before, namely I have been growing bonsai for 30 years but we do not have the containers I need to buy, so I decided to make them myself. ”

Marija Tambolaš

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Simply beautiful! I always love pottery! You make it looks easy and fun! Thank you 🙂 .”

Tubong Mindanao

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It's Your Turn


The main difference is in the material itself and the height of the temperature at which the clay is fired.
Ceramics is a general name used to denote clay-based objects, in fact the name comes from the Greek word kéramos which means “clay”.
Ceramic products differ from each other depending on whether they are made with a porous paste or with a compact paste: terracotta belongs to the first group, and white clay to the second. Terracotta is a specially shaped clay mixture that is baked in a clay / ceramic kiln and is considered to be the oldest and most basic expression of ceramics.

Here, I hope 😊 think of an object of some medium size. Depending on how much effort and dedication you put into yourself, the material and the idea to develop. This development usually happens when you completely relax, follow the instructions and allow yourself to be completely overwhelmed by creativity.
Many times people said: “This is another dimension”.
Assuming that you are a beginner and that you are not “confused” and that you want to make a replica of a Chinese vase from the Ming Dynasty in the first hour.

I have heard this several hundred times in my working life 😊
Yes, of course… .Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore gave an acting performance to remember in the 1990 romantic action fantasy “Ghost”. One of the greatest films of the early 90s is a love story that is so strong that even death fails to break it, and the scene in which Moore and Swayze together form a clay jug is considered one of the most sensual film scenes of all time. Patrick Swayze admitted that the wet clay scene is one of the sexiest things he has ever done in a film.
All that wet clay on my hands – it was very sexy. It really sped up my pulse, Swayze said.
I´ll let the reader of this question conclude for themself 😊

Dear reader, let’s start from the beginning: “THIS OF CLAY” is not baked in the oven. There are special kilns for burning ceramics and these are professional machines. Ceramics are not baked, but burned, but baking is a colloquial name that people have identified with, hence the wrong expression. Much of this has been contributed to by the hobbyist approach of various schools, associations, courses where clay paste is used, which is also called clay, but it is not. Professional pottery and hobby “killing” of free time is a very, very big difference.

A popular saying goes: “Faculties do not end up smart, but persistent”. It is similar to working on a potter’s wheel. This skill is not learned by the smart, but by the persistent.
Some quickly master and tame the centrifugal force that acts like a madman and throws a lump of clay in all directions😊 Some quickly realize how to place the hands and how much force they press on the clay to bring it to the center of rotation. For some, it goes slower, but if they practice, they learn too.
Sometimes miracles happen in a ceramic studio, so new members appear who sit behind a potter’s wheel for the first time and twist a beautiful pot. Yes, miracles are possible.

These on the objects are professional paints called underglaze paints for painting ceramics or engobes. And there can be glazes. Depending on what stage and how you want to decorate the object that you previously burned in the so-called. biscuit firing at a temperature of 980 ° C
ps our home oven cannot reach a temperature of 980 ° C 😊

In short, from glaze or glaze. Glazing is a process in which the entire object is closed by porosity or water permeability because the glaze is basically a glass that connects to the body of the clay using the temperature from the kiln. The glaze enhances the color, texture and design of the work in clay. Many potters prefer to mix their glazes rather than use ready-made ones bought in specialty stores. Since each glaze melts at a certain temperature, it is important to check that the glaze you want to apply is suitable for the firing temperature of the clay from which the object is made.

Still got questions?